Madonna – Taboo

Madonna – Taboo
Elapse Time: 57:53 / 57:53

  1. Erotica (Maxim Andreev Remix)
  2. Live To Tell (Luca Debonaire Omerta Mix)
  3. Frozen (Ian Tosel Remix)
  4. Living For Love (GMDZ Deep Dub Remix)
  5. Give It To Me (Marchillo Remix)
  6. Get Together (AllixZ Remix)
  7. Deeper and Deeper (Midnite Kaller Even Deeper Still Cheese Rework)
  8. Like A Prayer (Maxim Andreev Remix)
  9. Sorry (Jesse Onix and Marco Polar Remix)
  10. Love Spent (Maxim Andreev Remix)
  11. Hung Up (Sartori Reconstruction)

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